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The weather at Wadi Rum, while predictable, varies widely based on the season. Summers are quite hot, with average daytime temperatures between 38* and 45* (100* - 113* F). However, at night the temperature drops significantly (15* - 20*; 60* - 68* F). Light, loose, comfortable clothing is best, with perhaps a light jacket for the night time. During the winter, daytime temperatures are usually between 15* to 20*, with temperatures at night hovering near freezing. If you are traveling to Wadi Rum in the winter, be sure to bring a warm jacket for the nights.
Please remember that we are in a conservative Islamic country. While we have no problem with what you choose to wear while you are in Wadi Rum, you should be mindful of local sensitivities during the rest of your trip to Jordan.
• Pair of lightweight trekking shoes, sneakers, or sandals
• Hat**, sunglasses, sun screen 
• Personal medicine
• Flashlight or Headlamp (for walking around camp late at night)
• (Optional) Sleeping bag if you choose a sleep under the stars package (all tents in camp come with beds, blankets, and mattresses)
**On your tour you will have the chance to purchase a Arab head dress that is the best defense against the sun...it's why the Bedouin have worn them for centuries!
• Valid passport
• No obligatory vaccines (Jordan has very modern health facilities and is a clean country)
• Personal insurance to cover all type of injuries, accidents and repatriation abroad
• When arriving at the airport or border, you should have 20 Jordanian dinars in cash per person to buy your visa

There is no ATM and no exchange office in Wadi Rum. We cannot take payment by credit card.
In Wadi Rum, payment can be made by cash in Euros, USD and Jordanian Dinars, although we prefer Jordanian dinars.
At the entrance to the park, a small tent/restaurant serves a simple Jordanian fare of bread, yogurt and such.
Breakfast: Zattar (Bread dipped in mix of olive oil and thyme.) We also serve jams, eggs and cheese, yoghurt etc. Breakfast is light by design so that you can quickly be on your way, whether that means a tour with us, or heading back to the village to continue your travels.
Lunch: Bread, hummus, salad, tuna, fooul, eggs, and various hot dishes (e.g. eggs with tomatoes).  Every lunch is a little bit different.
Dinner: Dinner is one of everybody's favorite parts of the trip. It typically consists of the Zarb, a traditional Bedouin meal cooked under the ground. Sometimes we change it up by offering a delicious 'Bedouin Barbecue' cooked over an open fire. Side dishes include salads, soup, rice, vegetables, bread, and  fruit.
You won't be able to avoid the Bedouin tea, which is served in every tent you will visit. It's hot, sweet and usually flavoured with mint and/or sage. Truly an experience not to be missed.
We also provide complimentary bottled water.