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 Full day jeep tour  
We will start this tour from Wadi Rum village, You will have a chance to enjoy visiting and see some of Wadi Rum historical and natural places. During this trip we will go to Nabatean temple. After that you will go to Lawrence's spring with a short stop. Then you continue to Khazali Canyon where you can walk through the canyon. After that you will go the little bridge where you can climb to the top. After that we will go to Um frouth Rock Bridge which takes 10 minutes to be on the top. After that we continue to Burdah Rock Bridge ( The biggest arch in the desert of Wadi Rum). After that we will continue to Almahama Canyon  where you will have around 30 min walk. After that we will take you to Lawrence's house. Then We will continue to Anfeeshiah Inscription ( Napatean and Bedouin ancient inscription drawn on the mountain), The next place we will see and visit is Sand dunes where you walk up the Soft sands and ejoy running down fast. After that we will show the desert map ( Small map was used by bedouin to know the directions). Finally we will drive you back to Wadi Rum Village.
 The price:
1 person: 85 JD
 2-4  adults 50 JD per adult 
 5-8  adults 45 JD per adult 
 adults and more 40 JD per adult 
 Children under 12 years 50%
Children under 2 years free 
If you would like to book this as a private tour, 20 JD extra per person
Price includes
* full day jeep tour with a Bedouin Driver speaks English
*Bedouin Lunch
* Water *
* Bedouin tea (during the tour|)
* Sandbaording
Strating time  for this tour is 10:00- 11:00 AM